Lots of subs wonder where they can purchase a gift card or get items off a wishlist. Below are some examples of places I like to shop! You can send a giftcard to mistressxavialune@yahoo.com. Keep in mind, though, it is considered a GIFT… NOT payment for sessions or anything else. If your’e lucky though, I may send you a picture of Me in it or using it!



What can I say, I’m a greasemonkey at heart. Lots of people don’t believe Me when I say I work on My own cars. Actually, I went to school for it! It’s My hobby and My second love aside from FemDom. This is My favorite place to buy parts. I also like Summit Racing and OPGI!



Good old amazon. I have about 10 different wishlists here. Unfortunately, I think they’ve changed their policy recently so this may disappear in favor of just Amazon gift cards. Or I may also replace it with Delivery Code. Have a look at the kinds of things I like and surprise Me!


WEBster wigs

Currently My favorite place to buy wigs. Very high quality but also very affordable. I also enjoy Powder Room D and Lush Wigs. You have to be careful when buying wigs, because you usually get what you pay for. Right now I have about 20 different wigs and I want more!

in fact, there are many sites you can get gift cards to send to me. Latex, shoes, computer stuff, kink toys, etc are all acceptable