Lots of subs wonder where they can purchase a gift card or get items off a wishlist. Below are some examples of places I like to shop! You can send a giftcard to mistressxavialune@yahoo.com. Keep in mind, though, it is considered a GIFT… NOT payment for sessions or anything else. If your’e lucky though, I may send you a picture of Me in it or using it!



What can I say, I’m a greasemonkey at heart. Lots of people don’t believe Me when I say I work on My own cars. Actually, I went to school for it! It’s My hobby and My second love aside from FemDom. This is My favorite place to buy parts. I also like Summit Racing and OPGI!



Good old amazon. I have about 10 different wishlists here. Unfortunately, I think they’ve changed their policy recently so this may disappear in favor of just Amazon gift cards. Or I may also replace it with Delivery Code. Have a look at the kinds of things I like and surprise Me!


WEBster wigs

Currently My favorite place to buy wigs. Very high quality but also very affordable. I also enjoy Powder Room D and Lush Wigs. You have to be careful when buying wigs, because you usually get what you pay for. Right now I have about 20 different wigs and I want more!

in fact, there are many sites you can get gift cards to send to me. Latex, shoes, computer stuff, kink toys, etc are all acceptable


I have VERY little tolerance for most “personal subs”. The reason for that is most are only out to serve themselves, not Me. They expect things. Well here are a few positions for personal sub/slave. The catch is you must expect NOTHING in return. Literally nothing. If you can’t come into one of these positions with no expectations DO NOT APPLY. The only thing I can tell you is that patience and loyalty pay off in the end. Think you have what it takes? Use the contact page to apply!

car parts slave

This position is basically like a FinDom position. Your job as car parts slave is to order Me any car parts I need at any time. Or rather, send a gift card for them because like hell you’re getting My home address ;) This is one of My highest and most respected positions because of how I feel about My hearse collection.

massage slave

Looking for a certified massage therapist who is also submissive. This is a coveted position. Must be local, and not expect anything more than being allowed to massage My body.

clip and photo editor

I’m busy. Quite often I just get tired of doing clips. I’d like to have someone who can edit My clips and pictures. You must be experienced in editing! Know how to use adobe premiere and photoshop. When applying, I want to see examples of your work so I can make a decision if I want to include you in My stable.

tech slave

The tech slave is the one who knows how to do all the computer stuff not already mentioned here. Website design knowledge is required. Actual coding is a plus. Can be from anywhere in the world.


Technically this can also be the same person who edits pictures and videos, but it can also be a separate position. Knowing how to upload clips is important and there is a lot to it. Proper tagging, descriptions and having your finger on the pulse of different kinky categories is an art. Oh, and no spelling mistakes!

promotional slave

The promotional slave position can be filled as many times as needed. Actual promotional skills are a huge plus. Knowing how to utilize social media and other platforms puts you ahead of the pack.


Q: What is Female Supremacy?

A: I'll give you the shortest, simplest answer to this. Female Supremacy is the belief that Women are superior to men, mostly due to the fact that men are ruled by their penises. Women control those penises, so despite what you may believe about men and women, Female Supremacy dictates that you bow to Us. If you don't, you won't get any. You want pussy? Do as We say!

That isn't to say We don't care. Loving Female Authority is very close to My heart. For more information about Female Supremacy and Loving Female Authority, check out Elise Sutton's Website.

Q: That sounds awful! Do you hate men or something?

A: Of course not! That's silly. I love men! I just happen to believe that their place is at My feet. I enjoy men's company and I care about a great deal about the men in My life. Just because My personal lifestyle does not fit your view of the world that men are supposed to dominate over Women does not mean I hate you. And just because I am a confident, dominant Female should not in and of itself "emasculate" you. If it does, you are the problem (unless you're into the emasculating thing!). That's a knee-jerk reaction by your silly male ego in an attempt to protect itself against a perceived threat against its all important and self-defining concept of masculinity. Silly man!


1926_1024x768_1683181 - Copy.jpg

Q: FemDom? Man you are messed up! Did daddy not love you or something? That must be it!

A: That must be it, right? Because it couldn't possibly be that I just have a different lifetyle than you, that you disagree with so you make up things to justify why I must be fucked up?*Sigh* Your self-serving anti-Woman vitriol goes in one ear and out the other. I've heard it all! There is nothing you can say to offend Me, or change Me. If you don't agree with My lifestyle, that's cool. But don't try to "get" Me or "fix" Me. It won't work and it makes you look like a moron. Don't be a "white knight" or a "captain save-a-ho", either. Your presumptions are unwelcome and have no basis in reality. Move along.

Q: Femdom? You just haven't met the right man yet!

A: A typical chauvinistic male statement. you losers just feel so entitled to Women's bodies, don't you? Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean you or any other man has an entitlement to it or an entitlement to comment on it or My body at all. you do not have the right to comment on either just because I work in the "sex industry". And just because I am Female doesn't mean I belong to some unknown man out there I have yet to meet. Why can't egotistical beta males like you just accept that people have a different lifestyle and world view than you? This statement is so ridiculous and presumptuous that I won't entertain further discussion on it. 


Q: How do I send content to you for the Submissions pages?

A: You can either email Me directly with whatever you want to submit, or shoot Me a message and arrange something else. Dropbox is a great way to get a video to Me if it's too big for email. Just shoot Me a message and we'll work it out!

Q: What kind of content can I send in?

A: Pretty much anything! Anything that is relevant to this website My interests and beliefs, etc. Unless it is illegal, then it's game. Whether or not I will put it up on the site is another story. Just a picture of your pathetic little dick isn't going to cut it. (Sending an unsolicited dick pic without discussing it with Me first is a sure way to get blacklisted!)


Q: How can I book a live session with you?

A: Go here.

Q: I love you and want to be useful! Can I do anything for you?

A: Yes! There are plenty of ways to serve! Just check the Serve Me tab or check Me out on Twitter, Streamate, or book a session on Skype! When in doubt, shoot Me a message! But, don't expect anything in return. It's called worship for a reason. Unless you are booking a session (with real $, not gifts), giving anything in return is at My sole discretion!

Q: Where can I find nudie pics?

A: Good luck finding them for free. And I’m not helping you.


Q: You're hot! Can we have sex?

Q: Will you sub for me?

Q: I love you! Can I be your boyfriend?