Over the years many men have sent in different creative things to try and amuse Me. Some do fan art, some write poems or erotic stories, and some just take humiliating photos of themselves. Here are some of the things I could dig up that have been sent to Me. No selfies will be posted unblurred without consent. Want to send something in? Read the FAQ.

I’m a douchebag

by knotzay12

you liner is so black..

your bf sometimes whacks.

yet he doesnt hve a clue...

and if he only knew..

how many times i have envisioned his girl in the sack

(I didn’t say these were any good)


ode to mistress’ ass

On my hands and knees

i take my place

i crawl at heel

And push my face

Into my Goddess’ behind

And inhale the scent of my Divine

Mistress Ruler’s dominant ass

And beg for Her majestic gas

For in Her ass crack i’m complete

i grovel naked at Her feet

And beg to lick Her butthole clean

Happier than i’ve ever been

(This one is My favorite)


My life as the mistress’ dog

A short story, whose author I can’t remember. I edited it for poor grammar.

my new life with mistress

Another short story chronicling a subs fantasy of life under Me.This one is quite good!