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At the moment I have 6 different Niteflirt lines. Choose wisely!


Humiliation: Sissies, cucks, tiny dicks!

My humiliation line is My most popular line of all (at the moment). You guys sure love being made fun of! This line is for anyone who loves humiliation of any kind. But especially feminization, sissification, small penis humiliation, cuckolding, etc. Don’t be afraid to call with your dirtiest humiliation desires!

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need serious advice? i’m your new therapist!

Sometimes you just want someone to talk to. When you don’t have anyone you can trust, especially with your deepest darkest secrets, call this line. I have 10 years of experience dealing with all manner of internal conflicts regarding BDSM and also in general. Maybe you just need someone who will listen. Don’t worry, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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give in to your new femdom addiction!

This is My catch-all line. Call this one for everything FemDom that’s not related to humiliation, or any of My other lines. Do you like roleplay? Perhaps you want Me to instruct you in some JOI or CEI. Maybe you like a bit of pain? Whatever your kink, give Me a ring and see what kind of sexy trouble we can get up to!

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hand over your hard earned $$$!!!

These days financial domination can be a difficult fetish to navigate. There are so many new Women popping up who offer it. But if you want to serve a real FinDom with experience, pick up the phone and have that wallet ready for Me to drain. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be begging Me to take whatever you have left, and you’ll thank Me for the privilege of it.

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Smoking fetish line with webcam

My smoking fetish line with cam is exactly what it sounds like. Call this line if want to see Me smoke! This line is by appointment only since I no longer smoke on a regular basis and don’t have cigarettes lying around the house. If you get the itch to call, make a small tribute and make an appointment for the night after.

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madame xavialune’s ignore line

This line is for those who want a glimpse into My daily life. Maybe you like the humiliation of being ignored, knowing I’m having fun or getting something important done. Hell, I might even be in the middle of fucking My man (the holy grail of ignore calls). Maybe you just like being a fly on the wall. It’s like rolling the dice.. What will you hear today?

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Text Me!

Don’t want to call? That’s okay! I am available on several texting sites, including on Niteflirt. Texting offers a different experience than any other, in that you can open yourself up without having to speak or be seen. Some people prefer this due to privacy concerns or perhaps they’re shy. Maybe you’re just curious and want to dip your toes in the water. You can text Me on Niteflirt or choose any of the other sites below. Text me now and let’s get kinky!



Sextpanther is a site with only 3 categories. Porn stars, cam girls, and fetish. I’ll let you guess which category I’m in! I like SextPanther because of the amount of kinky guys I get on this one.



Arousr is built a little differently than the other sites. I love it because it has an actual app I can use to text you on. While the site offers other things like cam and phone, I strictly do texting there.



Dreamlover has the potential to be My #1 texting site in terms of what I make, but I hardly ever get anyone on there. I’d love it if you texted Me here! This site has mostly vanilla women on it, so I stick out!