My First Post (Again)

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Hello to all My deviant Xavialytes! It is I, your ruler. Some of you may have followed Me for a long time, others may be new. But for those of you who have been with Me a while, you know that this isn’t the first time I’ve had a blog. I’ve just never been that keen on keeping it up. I hope that will change this time around, because I’d like to make it a regular, fun thing full of information, new stuff coming out on My sites, reviews on toys and other kinky things, and My Divine Adventures in general.

I want to first start by saying those of you who have been begging for more clip content are going to get your wish soon! It’s no big secret that I recently moved from East Texas to the Dallas area, and since My move is over and I’m mostly settled in now, I am planning on filming again soon. No, that does not mean you are welcome to “offer” yourself up as a film sub. Not interested. In fact I am changing My ‘opportunities” page tonight to reflect this change. I simply just don’t want to deal with stupid men while I am trying to make a film.

Anyone remember this?

Anyone remember this?

But although Me and My old slave, vox, are back together, he won’t be appearing in My films either, much to the dismay of fans and haters alike. I will only be doing solo clips for the foreseeable future. You are also welcome to order custom clips, but these too will be solo. Eventually I will meet a real slave who is willing to film, not a power bottom who just wants to get off with what he thinks is a free session. And let’s be honest guys that’s 99.9% of you.


A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a blog, so I’ll be brief. I moved a bunch of times, left Los Angeles, lived in East Texas for 10 months, hated it, and then moved to Dallas. In between all that, vox and I broke up, I dated a bunch of losers (who were not kinky… My mistake), found a dog, sold half of My hearse fleet, and then got back together with vox. It’s been a wild ride! Throughout all this time I have maintained an interest and general lifestyle in Female Supremacy, although I have not really been able to express this the way I’d like. That is going to change. Currently no Femocracy meeting exists here in Dallas, but there is one in Austin which I am hoping to attend.


As some of you may know, in recent years I have really made webcamming My bread and butter. This has been ok for the most part, although the flip side of this has been having to deal with a lot more “vanilla” guys and I’m going to start phasing that out. So as I start moving away from cam and more towards phone and back to in-person sessions, you will see less and less of that as time goes on. I don’t like vanilla men and although I do actually enjoy doing the odd vanilla show, dealing with the males attached to those shows is often a chore. Ideally I’d like to get back to doing FemDom only, or at least mostly. Every once in a while I just need a good dicking and since I can’t stand “alpha males” (is there even really such a thing?), a dildo is the next best thing.

In addition to getting back to filming I am considering starting a mailing list. What this mailing list will consist of is anyone’s guess. I imagine it will be mostly updates, new clips coming out, webcam availability, travel announcements, etc. I know that some of you aren’t on twitter so I want to move away from being so dependent on getting news out that way. I want to start driving more of you here, to My website, especially in case Twitter decides to kick all sex workers off the platform. Many platforms have been doing exactly that recently. In fact, Twitter is essentially the last one we’re allowed to operate on. Although Twitter vehemently denies “shadowbanning” sex workers, they most definitely do. If I could, I’d leave altogether but we all know how well Switter took off, ha!

I don’t even know yet what is allowed to be posted here on this blog, so I have censored out the important bits and I may move this blog somewhere else. Although having said that, many places on the web are now shunning ANYTHING adult related, so we are constantly having to move because sites just decide we are not welcome anymore. So to play it safe, you won’t see any nudity on this blog or anywhere on My site. But you weren’t here for that anyway, were you? *eyeroll*

What I think I’ll do is plan out My blog posts for the week. Maybe 1 per week, to start. We’ll see. It won’t necessarily be about kink, either. It could be a post about My dog, Morti. you just never know! But it’s My blog, and since you worship everything about Me, you’ll hang off of every word I say (or write). Until next time!