Want to worship Me in person?

Read the following in its ENTIRETY before contacting Me about a live session. Read it, learn it, obey it.


Contacting Me

Any potential session start’s with a hello! Being a dominant doesn’t mean I’m impolite. I want to know all about you and your ideal session. When you are ready to contact Me about doing an in-person session, keep the following things in mind:

  • Send your name, location and any other pertinent personal details with your initial email.

  • Give me a run down on the type of session you want, how long you want to do it, and where you’d like it to happen.

  • REMEMBER: Legal sessions only! If your session idea includes anything that isn’t, I’ll make sure let you know. I’m not just saying this to cover My ass, I mean it.

  • An initial tribute along with your email is customary, and will get My attention. It proves you are serious about the inquiry. It does not have to be a large sum, only small.

  • If you are requesting Me to travel, be prepared to pay for that travel in addition to your session rate.

  • Don’t ask Me “what I’ll do to you”. I won’t go back and forth with you about your fantasy. Keep it short and simple. If I feel you’re jerking off to our emails, its an instant block!

ChPP6uGUgAAMKJu - Copy.jpg
  • 50% of your session fee is due at booking as a deposit. Discuss payment methods with Me. I do not accept Pay Pal. Booking deposits are non-refundable!!!

  • No same day appointments

  • I must screen you, so you will provide a copy of your ID at minimum. I may ask for references if you have them.

  • No outcalls. EVER! This is for My safety.

  • Make your limits clear before paying your deposit, and make absolutely sure this is what you want.

  • Keep in contact with Me leading up to your session. I expect 2 confirmations: 2 days prior via email and 2 hours prior via text. Failure to confirm means you forfeit your session. This is in bold for a reason.

  • Please make sure you are clean. Shower and do whatever you need to before our session.

  • Bring a change of clothes if your session will get messy.

  • Make sure you have the other 50% of your session fee with you in cash.



  • Tell Me your kinks, likes, dislikes, and soft/hard limits. These are especially important!

  • Show up! And ON TIME. 10 minutes early is perfect. Of course if you don’t show up, you paid your deposit just to flake. See how that works?

  • Place the rest of your tribute on the table and undress. You will be allowed to use the restroom if you need to before we start

  • Use the safeword (red) if you need to. Don’t be afraid or ashamed! Anyone can get overwhelmed.


  • Expect sex or sexual contact. This is STRICT. All facesitting will be clothed.

  • Top from the bottom. We will discuss your session prior and then I will take the lead.

  • Show up late, dirty or short on your session fee.

  • Be rude. This includes “brat” subs. Those need not apply. I’ll just end up asking you to leave.


what should you expect?

Expect to have fun! That’s what this is all about. It’s about exploring, releasing tension and stress, and just having a good time. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, My responsibility is to help men discover themselves through submission.

We’ll have a really short pre-session chat that refreshes everything we’ve discussed over email. I’ll make sure you still want what we will be doing, and this will be your chance to voice any last minute concerns or ask any questions before we start.

I’m not generally a clock watcher, but if we are in a dungeon generally the time slots are pretty rigid. So make sure you book enough time. An hour goes by quickly! I do not do 30 minute sessions.

I’ll save about 5 minutes or so at the end of your session for winding down and giving aftercare. This part is more important than you might think!


What is Aftercare? why do we need it?

When your session is over, you’ll be in sub space. Aftercare is the time we take after a scene is over to take care of the emotional and physical needs of those involved. You’ll need a few minutes to wind down, calm down, come back to earth.. A live session can be very intense! Sit down, drink some water, and take a deep breath. It’s My responsibility as your Domme to make sure you’re ok not only during the session, but after. Lots of emotions can come up during this time so it’s important to be prepared for that. Above all, I want to make sure you had a good time!