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The Premiere Gothic Dominatrix of Texas




Indulge in your wildest FemDom fantasies from corporal punishment to sissification and everything in between.



With over 10 years experience, I can take your fantasy to new heights. What kind of fun can we have behind closed doors?



Always discreet, your secrets are safe with Me. Don’t be afraid to be who you truly are and immerse yourself in the world of kink.

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Do you want to get kinky?

I know I do!

My name is Madame Xavialune. That’s Zay-vee-ah-loon, in case you were wondering. I am a Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix currently living near Dallas. I subscribe to the idea of Loving Female Authority in My personal kinky life.. I have been in the scene for quite some time, and gained much experience. Name something (legal) and I’ve probably done it at least once! Although I have My own specialties, I take pride in all My sessions. Whether it’s a session in a dungeon or a hotel, online on webcam or a phone conversation, I provide a FemDom experience like no other. With My gentle guiding hand, you can explore your innermost desires without judgement. You can tell Me your deepest darkest secrets and fantasies, and provided it’s legal, I can make them a reality for you. If you don’t want to interact directly with Me, you can head over to My clipsite, members only site or even My blog to check out what I’m up to and see for yourself how I bring fantasy to reality. For more information, make sure you stop by the FAQ!


Serving Me in person is a privilege.


I love doing live sessions. However, I am very selective in choosing a sub to session with. It should be an honor for you to be selected to session with Me. If you are chosen, you must follow every rule and direction by Me or you will forfeit your chance! Check out the “Serve” tab to find out more about in person sessions.


A host of ways to serve Me online

Can’t serve Me in person? Come see Me online. You can come to My webcam room, call Me on the phone, buy clips or order something custom.. You can join My members only site or check out My wishlist. There are so many ways to serve Me so don’t limit yourself to just one!


Clips, Photoshoots and More

I do a lot of creative projects. I have a clipstore, I make .mp3’s, I take a lot of photos.. All of these things and more are available to be viewed and enjoyed by the kink connoisseur, for a price of course. And as with anything I do, I am available to take very selective custom requests (yes, sometimes even rope bondage!). The only thing that limits you is your imagination, and your wallet!




When you get the urge to explore yourself and your fetishes, think no further than the exquisite FemDom experience that awaits you. There are so many things to explore on My website, so take a look around!


Nowhere else can you find an experience quite like this. There are so many Female Dominants to choose from, but there is only one Madame Xavialune. You’ll just have to come see what the fuss is about!

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one on one attention

Don’t just choose a Domme without doing your homework. Choose one who will allow you to indulge in your desires in a healthy and satisfying way, one who will give you personalized one on one guidance. Even if you just need help accepting yourself for who you are, you’ve come to the right place. See you soon!