Because I

Own you

 Madame Xavialune

       Gothic Dominatrix


- If you want to book a session with Me, use the contact form to get in touch. Be sure to include what date(s) you are interested in, what time, exactly what you are interested in and for how long. A brief description of yourself, your experience in BDSM, and why you want a session with Me. Time with Me is reserved exclusively with submissives that take the time to get to know Me and present themselves to Me in such a way that is humble and respectful. Likewise, if you'd like to discuss your fetishes in depth you can call Me on Niteflirt.


- 50% of your session fee is due 48 hours before your session via PervOut Pay. I do NOT do same day appointments. If you are unwilling to do this, do not bother contacting Me.. I am far too busy and have plenty of people to replace you to be chasing flakes. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE!


SHOW UP. Do not flake. Flaking gets you on the blacklist. Permanently.
- Remember there is
NO SEX. PERIOD. Do not plan on getting grabby with Me or trying to put your hands or fingers in places they are not welcome. Doing so will result in the end of your session and there are no refunds.
- Be on time!!

- you MUST confirm the session 2 hours before your booked time. If you fail to do this, your session will be cancelled. All deposits are non-refundable. So confirm and show up!


-When you arrive you will place the rest of your Tribute on the table and you will immediately undress. you will be allowed to use the restroom before the session if you need to.

- The safe word is always "red". Do not be afraid or ashamed to use the safeword! This session is directed by Me but your physical and mental health are important.
TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Period. You are here to submit, not to top. "Power bottoms" are not tolerated and neither are "brat" subs. you either submit or you don't and if you don't you can leave. 
- The only contact on your penis will be CBT or bondage. Period. If you want to get off at the end of the session, you can do it manually all by yourself.
- you book one hour, you get one hour. If you think you may need more time, book longer than one hour. Any extra time will cost extra money. Understand extensions may not be possible due to other Mistresses booking the dungeon. Plan ahead!


- Please allow for a few minutes after the session to come down and come out of subspace. This time is called after-care. Get a drink of water and relax for a minute. 
- During these few minutes, I will want to know if you had a pleasant experience. Be truthful, so the next time will be even better! I care about My sub's satisfaction. After this I will wish you a good day and you'll be sent on your way.

So, you want to have a live session with the Supreme Goddess Mistress Xavialune? When booking a session with Me, there are certain protocols just as there are for the session itself. These protocols MUST be followed. These rules are very simple and easy to follow. I will always refer you here so there will be NO EXCUSE for not knowing. If you cannot be bothered to read this, then I cannot be bothered with you! 


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