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 Madame Xavialune

       Gothic Dominatrix



 I have never really ventured into the Los Angeles Kinky scene, however. In 2010 I had a brief introduction to it, at which time I was being mentored by Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary. That did not last long, though, and soon I was traveling with My slave once again. I got to see a lot of the world this way, and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately, that slave didn't have the courage to give himself over to Me as I demanded, and so after 3 years W/we parted ways in May of 2012.
      After much careful thought and consideration, I decided the traditional route of monogamy was just not for Me. And so, I began taking any and all suitors I wished. That actually only amounted to 2. And so it is that I have 2 slave-boyfriends. In these relationships, Female Authority is a must. I no longer tolerate the kind of bullshit I had to deal with as with My last slave. I momentarily considered forgiving him and reintroducing him into My life, but he hadn't changed (as is the case with most males), so I exiled him from contact. One piece of advice I have for any Superior Females reading this, is never give second chances. males will always be males, and if they are not ready to give themselves to You, don't bother with them. They never change!

       Currently I have a permanent residence in Los Angeles and was working at The House of Grand Dames in the Hollywood Hills. This was where I was learning many new things and was taking session bookings. I then worked at the Catsuit Lounge until recently when I moved away from the dungeon. I still go there sometimes for sessions so keep checking My twitter, blog or calendar for news and updates. I am not currently involved in any scenes in LA, but sometimes you might catch Me out and about in Hollywood, so keep your eyes peeled, and don't be afraid to approach Me and introduce yourself as a fan of Mine (but be respectful, and don't be a creepy stalker!).
      So what is this Loving Female Authority I'm talking about? Well basically, I am a Female Supremacist. In a nutshell, I believe that Women are inherently superior to men given the fact that men are controlled by their penises. It doesn't matter how progressive and advanced or intelligent you think you are, all males (save for the ones with something wrong with them, such as missing testicles, brain chemical imbalance, no penis or asexuality) are subject to the whims and desires of their biological drives. There is no escape for this. you may be able to fight it a little, and I may not even be the One that can get you. But, there will be some Woman out there who you will not be able to resist and She will control you just as I control the masses of males who flock to Me.
"That sounds really awful! How could you believe this? Do you hate men?"
      Quite the contrary. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it should be embraced. Give in to the fact that We control you. Remember, a Female doesn't just have sex with you... She ALLOWS you to have sex with Her. Even if she is a submissive, it is always Her choice. I know you have known those times when you just couldn't help yourselves, guys. It is always like that, you just may not know it. I am a proud and strong proponent of Loving Female Authority because I do not believe this power Women have should be abused. These relationships should be of a loving nature, even if that slave likes to be treated like a piece of trash. There must always be an element of love. Female Led relationships are the norm in My world, and I will never have otherwise.

      What else about Me? Check the FAQ for more answers. If you have other questions, you can always use the contact form. That's it for now, I may add more later!

Welcome to My page, A/all who have ventured here. Be you a male or female submissive, male dom, Female Domme, switch, fetishist, or just curious. I welcome E/everyone to My page! Now, about Me. I am Madame Xavialune (zay-vee-ah-loon). Female Dominant, lifestyler, pro-Domme, Female Supremacist...I am a lot of things. For those of you who are frightened by My appearance, don't be shy. I'm not the scary awful bitch that society has conditioned you to believe people like Me are. I can be cruel and strict, but I also have a softer, more sensual and sometimes even nurturing side...

      I have been a Dominatrix both in the lifestyle and pro world for 8 years now. I grew up in Maine. I was born and raised there, and I still have somewhat of a small-town attitude. In 2009, when I met My (now ex) personal slave, that is when I was finally able to leave that place and travel extensively. This landed Me eventually in Los Angeles, and after some bobbing about back and forth, I eventually stayed.